Blanche, our Project Services Coordinator, is wearing a gentle smile and directly facing the camera in in a black cowl neck sweater.

Blanche serves as ArcSource's Client Services Coordinator, where she manages all the practical steps involved in client projects and managed care requests.

Blanche ensures that client needs are translated into a clear set of actions that are reported and tracked until the project's completion. She is the point of contact with clients to ensure that any question or issue gets resolved in a timely manner.

With a background in Biology, Blanche spent many years in the biotech and biopharma industry in drug development. In 2004, she obtained a Business degree and later took an operations position at a commercial real estate holding company. Over the years, Blanche has honed her skills in customer service and developed a strong passion for making clients happy through providing exceptional service. She never hesitates to go the extra mile.

Originally from France, Blanche truly loves living in the US but at times she does miss Paris (especially all the fantastic food). In her free time she loves connecting with family and friends, gardening, taking care of her house, cooking, watching movies, and reading. She also enjoys running to stay in shape, a growing challenge with passing years.