Ben, our Systems Engineer, is wearing a red button-up shirt and smiling towards the camera at an angle.

Ben is a Systems Engineer at ArcSource. His main responsibilities involve providing technical services for various projects and performing proactive network assessments for our clients to ensure proper network functionality.

Ben grew up in New Orleans and took his first computer science classes in high school. From there he went on to attend Tulane University, earning a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computing Systems and Technology, with a concentration in Information Technology. His passion for IT was strengthened during his employment at Tulane Law School as a computer technician, where he gained many great mentors.

As a systems engineer, Ben utilizes two important skills for working with clients and team members — communication and networking. His IT background and knowledge of computer networks allows him to efficiently resolve issues and keep client productivity up.

Ben loves to spend his free time outdoors. Being a new resident of California has given him numerous opportunities to explore his passion. Weekend trips up to Tahoe for snowboarding, rock climbing in and around the Bay Area, and cycling have all become quite commonplace since he has moved to the West Coast.