ArcSource has worked alongside various non-profits—including churches, private schools, and community organizations—to provide affordable, reliable, and secure IT solutions.

Many non-profits rely on the heroic efforts of a staff member who has taken on the role of "in-house techie" without the formal training and experience to handle complex IT problems in addition to their regular duties. While this approach may seem to save money in the short term, it usually costs more money in lost productivity and downtime as IT systems are stretched thin.

Non-profits often don't have enough time or enough space in the budget to deliver reliable IT. But ArcSource has expertise with the systems that they use on a daily basis, to manage their business on a tight budget. We focus on an inclusive and custom tailored process that leads to an integrated plan for your office. We develop a plan that will continue to grow and develop along with your non-profit for years to come.

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