Network Assessments

The ArcSource Network Assessment is an excellent tool for analyzing the state of your company's IT infrastructure and productivity. Every new client relationship begins with an ArcSource Network Assessment. The minimal fee associated with this service is an investment that reaps benefits for years to come as we improve the performance and efficiency of your essential systems.

How Healthy is Your Network?

The Network & Security Assessment plays an essential role in planning for new network implementations or troubleshooting existing ones. Not having an accurate picture of a network's capabilities and issues can pose serious problems that could complicate, even undermine, a planned project implementation and current employee productivity. Organizations plagued by network issues can also greatly benefit from a network assessment. Testing and analyzing all areas of network performance will uncover underlying causes for each issue.

What We Do During A Network Assessment

Data Gathering - The first step is a formal visit to your office where our team of consultants interview key staff and create an inventory of your existing IT environment. We look for specific issues or problems with individual machines and collect all relevant data on your networking scheme, security systems, and printing technologies. We investigate the data organization of your servers and your user management policies.

Report Preparation - After visiting your office, we compile all collected data, analyze it, and research solutions related to our findings. We prepare a report that includes a current IT summary, a list of areas for immediate attention, and our observations and recommendations in the following areas:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Printing & Plotting Systems
  • Workstation Hardware & Software
  • Internet Services
  • Server Hardware & Software
  • Remote Access Systems
  • Backup Systems
  • Wireless Networking
  • Security Systems
  • Monthly Maintenance

Consultation - We present the results of our Network & Security Assessment to you in an in-person meeting and provide you with the inventory, a set of recommendations for improvements and upgrades, and proposals for certain projects.

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