Managed Backups

The tide has shifted in business backups. Gone are the days of tape drives, hard to understand server-based software, uncertainty over what systems are backed up, and lack of confidence in your ability to access your business's critical information. The new technology of ArcSource Managed Backups meets the needs of mobile users and utilizes multiple systems, onsite backups, and offsite backups.

What Makes a Successful Backup?

Every backup system is a combination of hardware, software, people and process--each playing a critical role in the overall reliability of your system. Should one fail, the whole system would be in jeopardy. From our many years of experience dealing with business backups, we've designed a fully managed solution that addresses the weaknesses in each part of your backup system.

Benefits of ArcSource Managed Backups
  • Multi-destination: on-site backup for fast restores and remote backup for disaster recovery
  • Cross-Platform: works on Windows, Mac, and Linux systems
  • Automatic Backup: the software on each system backs up changes at any interval you choose
  • Off-site Storage: your data is encrypted and sent to ArcSource Backups servers
  • Scalability: you can add systems and expand your data set at any time, just pay as you go
  • 24/7 File Restoration: users can recover needed files directly from our system
  • Mobile Access: with our mobile device App you can download restored files wherever you are
  • Enterprise-grade Security: your data is encrypted for storage and transmission to our data centers
  • Managed: we monitor your backups and solve issues remotely
  • Notifications and Reporting: you know your backups are working through our ProActive communication

Backup & Disaster Recovery (BDR)

ArcSource Backup & Disaster Recovery is the crown jewel of our Managed Backups service offering, providing the ultimate solution for data backup and network recovery in the face of catastrophe. Whatever form the disaster takes, our BDR solution will protect your data and quickly recover your entire network. You no longer have to ask yourself how much data you are willing to lose. As for downtime, don't worry; ArcSource's BDR solution will have you back up and running before you even know it--completely eliminating expensive downtime.

Backup & Disaster Recovery Features
  • Onsite backups are automated & scheduled throughout the day
  • Onsite virtualization replaces downed servers for max uptime
  • Easily recover individual les and folders
  • Cloud-based virtualization in the event of catastrophic loss
  • 30 minutes or less for virtualization of most servers
  • Ultimate business continuity solution
  • Test restores and virtualizations are automated regularly
  • ArcSource Hardware as a Service (HaaS)
  • Unlimited tech support and warranty
  • Intel server-based hardware platform
  • Appliance has lots of RAM and disk space

Backup Return On Investment Calculator

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Online Backup Calculator

Estimate how long it would take to backup your files using just an online connection.

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