Nate Thorn serves as a Systems Engineer at ArcSource, providing central services like server management and automation. His goal is to create tools and systems that help our tech wizards work more effectively and confidently.

A graduate of the University of Southern California, Nate has a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with a speciality in Cyber Security. For over two years he worked as a software engineer in San Francisco at a small fintech startup, where he developed an interest in the user-facing side of
product development. Prior to joining ArcSource, Nate was in Sacramento working for another fintech company as a staff front-end engineer.

With over five years of experience in software development and organization, Nate has an engineer's eye for efficiency, reliability, and clarity.

Outside of the office, Nate is also a pilot and currently in school working towards his flight instructor rating and aircraft mechanic license. While computers are great, he says sometimes he still needs to get his hands dirty!