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Business Description
RedRock Reports is the premier education funding experts to K-12 product and service suppliers. Founded in 2005 by Dr. Jennifer House, Ph.D., RedRock Reports has grown to serve its clients with the most comprehensive education funding sources available. With a team ranging between 5-35 staff members and consultants, the company delivers important funding information through customized consultation services and their online product, RedRock Online. More information can be found at

The Challenge
RedRock's team is distributed across the US, having operations in such California, North Carolina and Washington states. One challenge that became even more pronounced through the companies' growth was calendar coordination. Glenn Fisher, RedRock's Chief Operating Officer, stated that "it often took more time for staff to coordinate a meeting than it did to actually have the meeting." This, combined with interruptions to WebEx hosting and conference room meetings due to scheduling overlaps did not reflect well on the business, and it was an issue that RedRock wanted to resolve.

Another operational challenge that RedRock faced was email problems. The business's previous email host limited RedRock to sending emails with a small gigabyte size limit and there were a number of problems surrounding email attachments. Email is an important line of communication for RedRock and with all of the difficulties associated with the previous application changes needed to be made.

The Solution
A number of RedRock employees, including Mr. Fisher, had a positive experience using Google Apps in previous places of employment. Thus, when ArcSource introduced the rest of RedRock's staff to this service the turnaround time from introduction to implementation was minimal.

Today, Google Apps calendaring is used by everyone in the company. All calendars are visible to all staff members; this allows staff to proactively schedule and coordinate meetings, WebEx, and conference rooms in a more efficient manner. This transparency and the ability to edit and update calendars in real time make this product invaluable.

Immediately after implementing Google Apps email, the business experienced a major shift in operations. Simple PPTs were easily sent through this channel and emails of large size were sent without worry and received immediately. Google Apps email was a major upgrade.

Besides these two products, Mr. Fisher appreciates that all of Google Apps' products are contained in one dashboard. The administrative time and effort needed to get a new staff member up to speed and in line with the technologies used within the office is minimal. Prior to Google Apps, RedRock had to contact multiple vendors to provide staff the resources needed to operate on the job. Today, RedRock now has the "ability for multiple people to work in a coordinated way." All in all, Mr. Fisher stated that Google Apps has reduced work inefficiency by 5-10 hours per week. The return on investment is further enhanced by the reduction in staff level of frustration. Mr. Fisher concluded our interview by stating that Google Apps was a "life saver".


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