Google Apps Case Study - Ana Williamson Architect

Business Description
Ana Williamson started AWArchitects in 1994, backed by a Masters Degree in Architecture at Princeton University and her Bachelor of Design from the University of Florida. Her Menlo Park, California practice has focused on residential projects that reflect her passion for a truly successful architectural process that fulfills the requirements of its customers with a balance of design, sustainability, and thoughtful execution. Ana Williamson credits her staff for the firm's success. She is not just the principal—but a cheerleader, organizer, supporter, and mentor to her staff. She makes it a point to continuously encourage them to step out of their comfort zones and strive for excellence.

The Challenge
Ana was in need of a new way of working and collaborating. The firm's existing system infrastructure was more frustrating than it was useful. She and her staff were forced to handle IT issues on their own when their busy "IT Guy" was unavailable, resulting in a good portion of their day wasted. Colleagues sometimes waited for days for basic services to come back online. To make matters worse, a large portion of their budget was allocated to bloated services they weren't even using. During that time, Ana recognized that collaboration and reliable communication for both her staff and clients were an instrumental part of running her business.

The Solution
It was then that she found out about Google Apps. She contacted ArcSource, and after reviewing their proposal, was astounded. “All this for THIS price?!” She immediately “Went Google” and hasn’t looked back. AWArchitects will save about $60,000 over three years by going Google.

Ana’s architectural staff, (Kim, Laurin and Eric) love Google Apps and the reliability it brings to their daily workflow. In fact, Eric’s GMail is never closed. “Calendering has been the biggest benefit, we just love it.” The staff is also starting to utilize Google Adwords and is reviewing Google Analytics. Ana believes it will help her grow the firm and learn better ways to communicate.

“I just wanted a simple, more collaborative and productive way for us to work. Google Apps for Business has provided that for us”. Ana continues to value her relationship with ArcSource and what Google Apps provides for their daily workflow.


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